The “Kris Kollection”

The morning after the 2018 Met Gala Kylie Jenner unveiled her latest 'Kollaboration" with the one and only Kris Jenner. The stream of stories Kylie posted to her Instagram account showcasing the product and the 'hacking' of the @KylieCosmetics page created a lot of buzz around the collection...sorry 'Kollection'. It featured wearable and versatile colours (unlike… Continue reading The “Kris Kollection”


Biologi Serums

I haven't written about anything in quiiiite a while but I couldn't resist sharing my experience with this brand! I was first told about Biologi by my pals @thegraciefiles and (amazing) MUA Briony from Mecca Cosmetica Pacific Fair and was really interested in their concept. Biologi offers game changing natural one ingredient serum solutions that are… Continue reading Biologi Serums

Staying Sun Safe and Silky

Here in Australia, Summer can put quite a strain on your skin and hair. UVA & UVB rays have a nasty tendency to do some damage so learning the best ways to protect yourself during the warmer months is a wise idea. Sunscreen and sun protection goes far beyond cosmetic concern. It is so important,… Continue reading Staying Sun Safe and Silky

Chloe Morello x Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Pallet

In 2012 when @Makeupbymario & Kimmy K took over the make-up world with high glam- contoured to the god's beauty looks (which they are now making a nice profit off at KKWBEAUTY.COM)  the world began its intrigue with the makeup trickery. The search for the perfect highlight and contour shade began and the race to… Continue reading Chloe Morello x Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Pallet

Fixing Irritated Winter Skin (& Teaching it a Lesson Also)

Coming from the Gold Coast, I'm not entirely sure I have any right to say that winter is cold. What I can say is, that coming out of a summer with days that make you question earths distance to the sun, adjusting to the lack of humidity can be more annoying for your skin than… Continue reading Fixing Irritated Winter Skin (& Teaching it a Lesson Also)

My Thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics.

In what was probably one of the biggest launches last year, Kylie Jenner hit the makeup scene not with a splash but with 10 foot title wave. After causing an international shortage of spice lipliner, whirl lipliner and velvet teddy lipstick for months (!!!) Kween Kylie decided that she should be profiting from her trend… Continue reading My Thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics.