Stylosophy 101.

Congratulations! You have successfully found yourself in the blog of a tragic beauty and style junkie, who has fallen into the blogging rabbit hole that many people find their self in at one point or another. (This being particularly true for people who would elect Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook as their three ‘things’ they were allowed to take on a desert island.. #guilty).

Lifestyle choices to do with social media aside, I wanted to write about something that I and many other people feel very passionate about, a Zaraffas’ home delivery service. (70% joking, 30% quite serious). As passionately as I feel about this cause, I also thought style would be cool to write about, and opted to head in that direction instead.

One of the things I love about fashion and beauty is its ability to say so much about our personalities without us having to stop chewing the freshly opened piece grape hubba bubba long enough to say hello. Though a choice we make in the morning, standing blurry eyed in front of a wardrobe, we choose the first impression the world will have of us today. Between this and an overall attitude and state of mind, you’ve got yourself a stylosophy. Opposed to say, a personal aesthetic or straight fashion choice, your stylosophy is more of a ‘vibe’ you send out into the world. Before I travel to far into the valley of the cliché, ill leave it at one last point. Different from other style blogs, stylosophy is about finding a place for your personality within the ever-changing trend focuses world of fashion. Which I think, is a pretty cool thing to find. I now hereby dedicate this blog to all things style, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and individuality.




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