Why Taking Risks With Style, Is Very Worthwhile.

Picture this, you are sitting having coffee with two of your very close friends. One is planning her next big adventure, and the other is talking about how she stayed in last Saturday night, reading amazing-er face by Zoë Foster-Blake, and watching Ru Paul’s drag race, because by the time it got to 10pm she was ready for bed. (The fact that this is how my Saturday night played out  is completely beside the point… moving on).

When considering our style, should we be like the friend planning her next adventure? Or should we stick to what we know and live happily in the comfortable and safe nana zone? I should mention here that the ‘nana zone’ I am referring to applies to people of all ages, and I am not stereotyping the matriarchs of any family. In fact- I believe my own nana probably leads a double life running around the streets of her small New Zealand town causing all kinds of trouble (just kidding Nana).

If we do choose to stick in the nana zone, what will we ever discover about our style? How will we develop a styleosophy if we never take risks- well, we won’t! How would any child of the 80’s know that a perm isn’t in-fact  a good idea if they hadn’t made that mistake already? (looking at you now Aunty Adrianne)  How would you know that you really suit your hair done in the way that has that side parting, with the bit of fringe here and that other bit there (you know what I’m talking about) or how would you know that you can rock the hell out of a red lipstick… you guessed it… you wouldn’t! Risks lead to discoveries, both good and bad- this definitely applies to more than just style too.

Take it easy at first, just like a cold pool, dip your toe in (aka start with something small that’s small and reasonably low- key or unimportant -sorry toe, hope theres no hard feelings) because if you rush and decide to wear every clothing item you’ve ever um-ed and ahh-ed over at the same time, just like diving into a cold pool without testing the water, you’ll get a headache, regret all the decisions, end up looking like Edina Monsoon and probably stay far away from the pool for some time.

Start your  new risky life by wearing an outfit you are comfortable with, and wear one thing that pushes you out of your nana zone. (A handy tip is to listen to ‘Partition’ by Beyoncé while your getting ready… who doesn’t feel like a fashion killa when listening to that?- 7/11 can also be substituted)

Pushing your style will help you to make fashion discoveries you never thought possible, one small step for *insert name here* one giant leap for *insert name here*’s stylosophy. Hurrah!


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