You’re Prada not Nada!

One of the things I believe most people struggle with is feeling comfortable in their own skin. I feel like it comes down to the old idea that we all want what we don’t have. The shorter girl (I have a lot of experience in this area being an enormous 5 foot 4.5 inches tall –for the love of god don’t forget the .5) wants to be beautifully tall and statuesque, while the taller girl wants to be little and cute. The girl with beautiful bouncy curls spends half an hour in the morning with her GHD straightening her hair wishing she didn’t have to deal with such a wild barnett, while the girl with straight hair spends the same amount of time curling it wishing she was born with the volume and bounce of curly hair. The only person who doesn’t abide by this law of nature is ‘Becky with the Good Hair’- but that’s okay, I heard she was a bit of a b*tch anyway..

I also feel like society and media today are constantly re-enforcing this ( a groundbreaking opinion I know..) making it even harder to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Next time you catch yourself thinking about something like that, just pause for a moment and realize that even that leggy girl with 50k followers on Instagram probably wishes that she could change certain parts of herself and can experience the same insecurities as you. Unless she’s a complete a**hole, in which case, unfollow immediately for societies sake, we don’t need that on our feed.

Stop focusing on the negative thoughts about yourself in your head and start thinking about how you have an awesome smile and amazing legs for boots. Remember- never stop smiling because you never know who’s in love with it *gags* but it’s true. Its like when your friend comes over panicking because they have a small mountain of a pimple growing on their face, and you genuinely hadn’t noticed it until they pointed it out. (If you did notice it however, I would recommend Eve Lom Dynaspot– it works wonders and will have that mountain looking like a speed bump in no time- as a result of this you’re friend will also think you are an advice wizard and you’ll gain at least 100+ friend points). Back to the point, sometimes when you obsess about something it becomes a focus in all of your thoughts and can literally take over your day.. Stop That!

In the words of Ru Paul, if you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love somebody else… can I get an Amen?!

For further entertainment here’s Ru Pauls “Can I get an Amen” – LOVE 


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