The New Cleansing Trend On The Block

If I get asked for a cleanser recommendation, I’m almost guaranteed to respond with some kind of oil. To some, this is absolutely shocking and is usually followed by statements such as, isn’t that what I’m trying to get off my face? No, no I have oily skin get that stuff away from me! Will that give me a squeaky clean feeling? I love that squeaky clean feeling.

For most women, when we wash our face, we are not only washing off the dirt and oil that has accumulated over the day; we are also washing off a number of layers of makeup. Primers, foundations, concealers… the list goes on. Point is, sometimes regular cleansers just don’t cut it.

To make a long story short, oil cleansers use good oils to remove bad oils, leaving your skin balanced and happy. Whilst also removing makeup at the same time.

On the other hand, regular cleansers can often leave your skin stripped of its natural oils. Whilst they do provide a squeaky clean feeling, particularly if a skin is on the oilier side, your skin will start to over compensate by producing more oil. This cycle can be extremely frustrating and can be compared to talking to much after you’ve already said the wrong thing in front of the cute guy, until you’ve eventually embarrassed yourself enough to start goggling real estate options a few states over.

Oily skins hear me out- I know you’ll be the hardest to convince. It did take me a while to get use to the feeling of putting an oil on my face after a long day when I would normally be reaching for the cleanser that gives me that o so satisfying squeaky clean feeling. However- once you clean it off your face and you can see and feel how soft and glowy your skin is you’ll be sold!

For those who are prone to blemishes or acne. An oil cleanser can be your new best friend too. Think about oil and water, just like your aunty and her ex husband. They don’t mix. Oil is able to penetrate deeper into the pore, giving your cleanser a much better chance at making a difference.

Dry skins, I feel like you’ll already be searching the pages of mecca for different products- don’t worry! I’ve left some suggestions below so there’s no need. As you probably know already, dry skins lack oil in the skin, so a cleanser that won’t make your skin dryer will be a lovely surprise for it, and you could even notice a change in the sensitivity and redness in your skin!

How to use oil cleansers:

(This is essential because they are unlike regular cleansers. I spent about a week using it the wrong way and was equitably un-impressed.)

  1. With a dry face and hands, pump product into hands and begin massaging into face, taking special care around that delicate eye area.
  2. When you feel as though you have covered your face, wet your hands and continue to massage the oil into your skin. When the water mixes with the oil it will emulsify and turn into a milk. This step could also be replaced with a Clarisonic, using it in the same manner.
  3. Wash off and repeat if you feel as though your skin needs an extra clean.
  4. Say hello to your beautiful skin! (Or don’t- if someone walked into the bathroom to find you essentially talking to yourself, they’ll probably think you’re a bit strange).



1- NUDE Cleansing oil

2- Bobbie Brown Cleansing Oil

3- Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Oil

4- SK-II Cleansing Oil



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