Lasers & Lightsabers

We all have things that we want to change about ourselves. Although I think there is beauty in everybody …if you don’t like something, why the heck not fix it?! Things such as dark spots, scarring, broken capillaries, lack of a unicorn horn (kidding, you can’t get that) are all able to be eased or remedied.

For myself, it was a couple of broken capillaries. These are common among heavy smokers and drinkers (I don’t smoke or drink heavily… I’d just look dorky smoking and am a notorious lightweight) but can also be hereditary (Ding! Ding! Ding! Thanks Mum!)

At first I thought that my decision to get this done was going to mean the sale of at least one kidney and up to six painful treatments but luckily I am writing this with all organs accounted for and I’m so thrilled with the result, the smell of burning flesh has already left my memory! (again, I kid however any pain I did feel has been forgotten.)

The ladies at The Layt Clinic on the Gold Coast Molly and Sam, were lovely (and answered my many questions on Aspect Dr skincare prior to my appointment, bonus points). Sam, who was in charge of the laser made me feel super comfortable and eased my nerves. She also got it done quickly and efficiently whilst still letting me have a moment every now and again to steel my resolve. After ten minutes of beeping and laser firing- I was done!

After being bugged by them for so long I am so happy with the result and it’s looking like I won’t need a touch up for quite some time!






Ps. I’m sorry but I forgot to mention anything about light sabers, mainly because I know absolutely nothing about Star Wars. In fact I once bought pajamas for two fans of star wars that said ‘treck yourself, before you wreck yourself’ and it took me until I got into the car to realize that I had gotten merchandise from the wrong movie franchise #truestory).


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