Ace That Base

If there’s one thing that can transform any makeup look from drab to fab it’s having an amazing base. Think about it. I know a lot of emphasis can be put on smokin’ out the eye, fleekin’ the brow or contouring till your nana wouldn’t recognize you, but if your skin looks ‘cake-y’ enough to be given the blue ribbon at the gold coast show, none of that is going to matter. Recently we’ve seen the fresh skin trending, so if you’re sick of having foundation thick enough to scrap off with an acrylic nail and want to look like the glowing goddess you know damn well you are, here’s the 411.

 Eve Lom Tinted Moisturiser.

This stuff is pure gold. Gold I say… GOLD. Famous for her cleanser (its been the Vogue #1 since before I was even born… consecutively), Eve Lom has produced a new holy grail for all the tinted moisturizer fans out there. This bad boy is skin care in disguise. Full of hyaluronic acid to add moisture and Vitamin C+E to fade dark spots, brighten and nourish the skin. It also boasts (arrogant little tinted moisturizer) SPF 15+ protecting against UVA,UVB and general environmental nasty’s, perfect for days spent mostly indoors.Another thing- it comes in a range of 12 shades but also auto-corrects to match your natural skin colour perfectly, providing a barley there makeup-less finish… See… Gold.



NARS Sheer Glow: 

For anyone who feels like they need a bit more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, or need something for nights spent out on the town but still want that dewy, god your skins naturally amazing radiance… NARS Sheer Glow is your new best friend. Mr Nars believes that makeup is designed purely to enhance, never to cover, which is exactly what this foundation does…genius, take a bow Mr Nars. The colour range is also excellent so you’re definitely not at risk of looking a) like a ghost or b) like a member of the Jersey Shore cast. It is a medium-to- full build able coverage, and also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric, which is wonderful if the reason you are wearing foundation is to cover a breakout.

(Bonus tip: If you feel as though you could wear a tinted moisturizer but need a bit more coverage through the center of the face, use your Eve Lom (or other) tinted moisturiser and then buff a teeny amount of sheer glow down the center of your face.)


NARS Copacabana Illuminator:

This glittery piece of makeup is a fantastic piece to have in your makeup arsenal. Use it as a highlighter; mix it in with your foundation or even moisturizer to give that glow. A few quick tips:

  • Don’t use it over top of your foundation/tinted moisturizer unless you are extremely careful. It’s greedy and will eat away your foundation leaving it patchy and not at all appealing.
  • When mixing it in with your foundation, go on a 1:4 ratio, unless you want to go full disco ball, if so, by all means, go to town.
  • If you are trying to impress someone, stand in the sun so the illumination bounces off your cheek bones, leaving said ‘impresee’ blinded by your beauty.

The Nars illuminators also come in a few other colours to suit different skin undertones. Ce Magnifique.




Ellis Faas Concealer:

I’m going to tell a story here: So one day, I was in a Mecca trying on lipsticks. Anyone who’s tried on a lipstick before knows that you need to touch up any kind of base that’s around your mouth as you wipe off different colours and I happened to reach for the Ellis Faas concealer for a quick touch up. I didn’t notice until I got home how freaking amazing my skin looked. There’s something about this that just looks like skin. It has wonderful coverage and the packaging is super chic to whip out of your clutch when touching up. I do recommend setting it with a powder after applying though to ensure longevity. This product also contains Vitamin C- To help fade whatever it is you’re covering. Vitamin E- To protect and nourish whatever it is you’re covering. Karite Oil (other wise known as shea butter) to moisturize whatever it is you’re covering and Rice Wax as a natural product thickener. B-E-A-UTIFUL.



Above everything though. Make sure your base routine includes an SPF. If your taking all these steps to ensure your skins glowing and wonderful, why would you let it get burnt?! If you are after the fountain of youth, it’s here. It’s sunscreen. FACT: Most UVA (Ultra Violet Ageing) rays come from inside (Lights, Computers,Phones). If you want to make sure you look as good as Rhianna or Will Smith (two people that know the benefits of good sun protection) find yourself a good SPF.

(Bonus Tip: The Mecca Cosmetica to save face in SPF 30+ is an awesome makeup base.)

(Bonus, Bonus Tip: in an SPF the 30/40/50 is an indication to how strongly it will protect against UVB rays, how many ++ is an indication to how strongly it will protect against ageing rays.)



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