I can’t ‘Bare-live’ I’ve Never Used This Before


IMG_1410 2

As the title suggests… I can’t believe its not butter I’ve never used this brand before. In particular, the foundation and concealer. Sure I’ve seen it around on YouTube and whenever I walk into a Mecca Maxima/Cosmetica store but it’s never been more than a bit of a flirt (colour swatch here and there) . A few days ago, I decided to take our relationship to the next level and I’m pleased to announce that (unlike some of my previous relationship decisions) I’m extremely pleased with the result.

  • Full Coverage
  • Kind To Skin
  • Easy To apply
  • Non-‘cakey’
  • SPF15


Although I’m in a committed relationship with NARS Sheer Glow and the other products I discussed in my post on how to Ace The Base last week, summer in Australia can sometimes be challenging for makeup lovers due to the fact we are located approximately 1.5km away from the sun. Which is why I am so glad I have stumbled across this gem.

In summer, because of the heat, sun and humidity, your skin can find itself in a less than ideal state and the last thing it needs is foundation’s suffocating it making matters worse. The beauty of the Bare Minerals- Mineral Powder Foundation is that the minerals in the foundation are nothing but GOOD for your skin. It provides full coverage whilst still being light enough to allow your skin to breath and blurs any lines or imperfections (but somehow still allows those cute lil’ freckles on the nose that practically scream summer to come through) providing the perfect no-makeup look.

How To Use for Optimum Amazing-ness.

  1. Prep skin according to skin type for ultimate longevity


(Dry Skins Prep with moisturizer & hydrating primer, I also recommend using the Original Formula of the mineral foundation. Combo/Oily Skins, prep skin using moisturizer and blurring or pore refining primers. I recommend using the Matte formula if you want a matte finish/slightly more longevity and the Original Formula if you love a bit of a glow)

  1. Tap Product into the lid and using a brush, swirl and then tap the excess off.
  1. Starting from the outside of your face, work in towards the center of your face to make sure you get the most warmed up and creamy minerals in the center of your face
  1. Evenly spread the powder over the face repeating steps 2 &3 when necessary
  1. If you feel like you have too much product, clean your brush off and start buffing over the areas you feel that you need to remove product. (Um how good is this?! What other foundation can you tone down once you’ve gone OTT without ruining the rest of the foundation?!)
  1. Admire your flawless skin in the mirror and wonder when you’ll get the call to be the next face of Victoria’s Secret you naturally beautiful bastard.


As for the concealer, the combination of its lightweight serum consistency and its full coverage makes it a total winner for me. It also works amazingly on top of the mineral foundations! Who’d have thought it!


Add it to your shopping list for summer and check out all the other Bare Minerals items that are summer ready too! (Complexion Rescue is next on my hit list…)


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