Your New Go-To


If Australia were to have their own Kate and Wills, I’m going to say it would be Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster-Blake. The comedic couple reign supreme over most of Australia’s hearts and well they should. Talented, funny, parents to the most adorable most adorable son(ny), down to earth (plus Hamish even has a bit more hair than William).

As if being the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t enough, Zoë has gone and created a Go-To skin care solution for women everywhere. After spending years as a beauty editor and receiving feedback that women were confused and overwhelmed with all the beauty choices on the market, she decided to create a skincare brand that was easy to follow, natural yet powerful and a little bit cheeky. She even recently created a line for her more manly customers called Bro-To, because men have manly skincare needs, and sometimes a cute peach bottle just doesn’t cut it. What an angel.

(Here’s a picture of another blessing to the Australian social sphere holding his Bro-To Press release kit)



Pinky Nudie Lips!  Was my first Go-To Skincare purchase. I wanted something that I could wear hassle free that would look pretty, but would also do some cosmetic heavy lifting and give my lips some lurve during the cold winter months. The colour has been tested on light skins to dark skins to ensure it looks universally flattering. I was so impressed by this I had to buy  Lips! which is it’s slightly more plain but equally as restorative and hydrating sister.


Next cab off the rank was Face Hero, and man was I impressed. This was my first face oil (that wasn’t a cleanser). Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that something like this would solve most of my skincare problems. This was during a time my skin was punishing me for some unknown reason and I was experiencing a bit of a breakout. I popped this on the night I received it in the mail and I kid you not, my skin was 50% back to normal the next morning. (So much so I remember doing a double take in the mirror). It smells beautiful and contains no nasties that irritate the skin (PEGs, Petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances, mineral oils sulfates, silicones, GMOs) making it perfect  for anyone with sensitive skin. Full of antioxidants, this deeply hydrating oil is your skins new bff.

Bonus Tip: Anti-oxidants prevent free radical damage. Put simply, free radicals run around stealing your skins youth. (Not totally the same but not dissimilar to the hamburgler).


My latest purchase is the very useful face cream. what really intrigued me about this product was how protective it is. For me, ‘protective’ has never been a buzz word when it comes to skincare. I don’t know why though because it damn well makes sense! (Especially with all those nasty hamburglers   free radicals running around. It’s only a new product for me, so before I rave about it- which I’m sure I will, let me put it through its paces.

I don’t know what the official royal thank-you is in Australia, but holy moly go-to is a great brand.


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