Finally On Board the Loving Tan Train

I feel as though I am about three years late with this but I finally went and bought myself Loving Tan yesterday.

As someone who lives on the Gold Coast, there is definitely a bit of pressure to have that fresh off a tropical holiday golden glow. If you are like me and can only develop a natural tan after an entire summers worth of pool and beach days (using the proper SPF protection) we have to get a bit more creative.

The solution? TAN IN A CAN.tumblr_inline_myg7wpk4zj1rlpk9c

Not all tans are the same however, and I have tried my fair share of tans and can say hand on heart, from 5 minutes after I put this on, Loving Tan went to #1.

  •  This beauty dried in 5 minutes with zero post application stickiness!
  • The guide colour is nice and dark so you can easily see where you are applying it (which makes it much less likely you’ll make mistakes),
  • It doesn’t have an offensive fake tan smell to it.
  • The colour is a natural olive so you don’t have to worry about looking like a walking cheesy puff.
  • It comes in 8hour and 2hour developing times with medium, dark and ultra dark finishes.
  • It is safe to use on your face and will not block pores.
  • It is the only at professional strength at home fake tan

Jump online and have a look at what the company also have to offer with their tanning accessories. Im personally a fan of their tan removing and skin polishing glove that scrubs off old fake tan and leaves your skin super soft!

*Make sure you moisturise with a fragrance free moisturiser everyday to ensure the tans longevity!*

Enjoy your bronzed skin beauties!


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