A-Frekin’ Obsessed with African Botanics.


Before I start blabbing about the amazing-ness that is African Botanics. If you live in NZ and have access to YOU magazine, get your hands on one and have a looksie! I wrote up some beauty tips and tricks perfect for wedding and race season! I’d love to hear your feedback and would be happy to answer anymore questions you have!

ANYWAY- Onto more pressing issues. African Botanics and Marula Oil. The new frontier in skincare. This magical ingredient promises to help a many number of skin concerns in a natural and word on the street is, its the new Argan Oil.

Marula Oil is sourced from the Kernels of the Marula tree found in Africa. In Australia, we are lucky enough to have African Botanics delivering this wonder ingredient to us via Mecca Cosmetica stores that have a Trove section and online!

Here are two of my personal favourite products from the brand:

Kalahari Desert Detox Bath Salts.



Ill start off by saying, these bath salts ain’t cheap. I was very skeptical about spending $112 on something to put in the bath, but after just one use I can confidently say that  I will 112% be repurchasing them.

According to African Botanics, the Bath Salts;

  • Tone the skin
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Creates smoother and firmer skin
  • Hydrates, conditions, re-mineralizes the skin
  • Creates a sense of wellbeing, clarity and calm
  • Relieves stiff joints and muscle tension

After one use I haven’t noticed much difference in my skin (I didn’t expect to) but I can say my skin was super soft and I don’t think I have ever been more relaxed in my entire life. I can be fairly skeptical about aromatherapy but I can say with complete confidence that even if you are assignment writing, in exam block, had a bad day at work or waiting for a text from that boy, you will leave the bath more zen than a vegan living in Byron busking on the weekends. So go ahead, light some candles, pour yourself a red and leave your worries behind.


The other standout for me is the Marula Buchu Botanical Enzyme Polish. This exfoliating wash combines enzymatic and gentle physical exfoliation making is an effortless addition to your skincare routine. Containing blends of sundries aromatic buchu plant, crushed baobab fruit, healing micro-algae and super fine granules of ancient volcanic minerals it’s an absolute winner. Few things can make your skin look as good as proper exfoliation.  Enzymatic exfoliation uses bio-active ingredients (mostly found in fruits) to eat away at the glue that holds dead skin cells together and physical exfoliation scrubs them away, what a dream team!

Next on the purchase list for me is the Neroli Infused Marula Oil. That combination is enough to make me have dreams of beautiful skin for weeks *swoon*.

Jump online and do some research, I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I am! If you are loving the idea of Marula oil, also check out Drunk Elephant Skin Care (its called that because elephants actually get drunk off Marula Oil, cheeky devils) that has just launched in Mecca Maxima!


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