Summer Skin Staples


I’ve got a quiz, what do Jen Hawkins, Lara Bingle, Blake Lively and Jacinta Campbell all have in common? Ridiculous pieces of eye candy for boyfriends/husbands?.. Yes. But what they also have is friggin’ amazing skin. Now I hear what you are saying. They probably invest thousands of dollars into their skincare routines, and with the rate of smashed avocado these days, it’s a bit unreasonable to think that mean 20-ish year olds can keep up with that. So I’ve narrowed down to two must have products to try and attempt to replicate the goddess’ glow this summer.

Summer is a pretty sensitive time for skin. With the heat and exposure to UVA & UVB rays intensifying sun damage, blemishes, redness (basically everything that makes you wake up in the morning and think, ‘oh ffs’) it’s important to make sure we are using the best, most useful and beautiful products for the base.

It’s also the time you are likely to be forced to smile uncomfortably in numerous family photos over the festive season. Red is a great colour for tinsel, tree ornaments and reindeer nooses but, take it from me, you’ll end up looking like quite the wally if you’re blending into the red blouse your mum has worn almost every Christmas day for the past 5 years. There’s also a high chance if it’s a bad photo of you, it will be on your Nana’s wall before you can say, damn I should have listened to that blog I read and wore sunscreen. Sorry, Murphy’s law.



Basically, if you want your skin to behave… wear sunscreen! Think of it like your knight in shining armour and protector from environmental aggressors. I know that layering sunscreen overtop of moisturisers etc in summer can feel uncomfortable and thick- pretty much the opposite of what you want your skin to feel like during the summer months, but if you are using a product such as Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face that contains not only sunscreen but other skin perfecting vitamins, try skipping the moisturiser in the morning. I know that sounds like a cardinal sin, but if you make sure your nightly skin care routine gives your skin enough moisture and your skin isn’t too dry to begin with, it will be a-okay!


GLOW BABY GLOW! Can it be summer without a highlighter? I was um-ming and aaah-ing about this product for a very long time. Believe it or not, I’ve never been much of a highlighter gal. I always got the glow I believed I was looking for from setting sprays and general dewiness caused by wearing makeup for a few hours. Good lord how I was wrong. Highlighters give such an amazing fresh feel to any makeup look and I’m annoyed I didn’t jump on the band wagon sooner. This Candlelight Glow highlighter in particular from Too Faced is amazing because it gives such a natural, ‘lit from within’ glow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a dramatic highlight too, and products like champagne pop make me swoon, but if you are looking for a more subtle glow, give this pan of magic a swatch next time you walk past a Too Faced stand.

I can almost guarantee I’ll use these products all summer long and I will endeavour to report back on their travels. What good investments (I tell myself as I eat toast for the rest of the week because dang, makeup is expensive).


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