Like Sand Through the Hourglass, These are the best bits of the brand! A Collaboration with The Gracie Files!


December means a lot of christmas parties, and a lot of family get togethers. This is a time when any success you’ve had during the year is dulled by a few classic phrases like, “Oh how are you? You look tired, you poor thing”. While you might be thinking, ah, yes Christine, I’m very tired actually, good to see the expensive concealer I packed on is doing the trick…twit. No doubt you’ll smile politely and say something along “yes busy time of the year isn’t it!” If you’ve been finding yourself in this situation -don’t worry, we’ve all been there. I have a few items to share with you that will knock Christine’s socks right off.

You know me, I love to talk about getting the glow, which is why its so damn surprising I haven’t been singing the praises of Hourglass since I discovered it. It is without a doubt one of the greatest fix all and technologically advanced  brands I have ever come across Yes Hourglass, slaaaay Hourglass.My good pal, Gracie from The Gracie Files and I have decided to do a sneaky little collaboration and share our top Hourglass picks. So Ladies and Gents, grab yourself a pen because your christmas list is about to get a little longer.


Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

Holy-Moly. I cannot repeat CANNOT remember how I lived without this primer. Mineral based, low dimethicone (skin clogging silicone found in a lot of makeup and skincare products), oil controlling and the ability to make your makeup waterproof and transfer resistant.. This was a primer made in Australian Summer Heaven. On top of this, it also makes your skin feel amazingly soft and your foundation application seamless. It works for all skin types and is one of the brands best sellers (rightly so!) The perfect makeup base for anyone who is going to be photographed with flash photography, brides that might shed a tear and grooms that might shed a tear for that matter… in all honestly, anyone that wants to keep there makeup looking better for longer. This is your new best friend.



Ambient Lighting Blush (Mood Exposure-plum) (Incandescent Electra- pink)

I can’t say that before I discovered these blushes that I was much of a blush wearer. Now, I couldn’t say I’d feel fully tizzy without it! Incandescent Electra was my first purchase out of the two and I can honestly say it came straight down to the instant wow factor the colour gave me. Mood Exposure was my next purchase simply because it is the perfect neutral coloured blush. I was struggling to wear my Incandescent Electra pink with any red because of the colour clash it created on my face, so Mood Exposures natural and neutral plum tones came to my rescue. I wish I could have captured it slightly better on camera, but the subtle shimmer will give anyone glow envy (especially Christine)


No.2 Lipstick

A moisturising nude that doesn’t wash you out. Thank God. This satin finish lipstick is the perfect accompaniment to any glittery, sparkly, festive eye makeup look that you want and will wear away nicely as you secretly drink your way through a bottle or two of champagne. 😉


Dim Lighting Powder.

This. This is how brides glow. This is how celebrities walk around with Instagram filter perfected skin. Containing the Hourglass photo-luminescent technology that reflects the same green and yellow pigment that younger skins have. This  mini version is the ‘Dim’ Lighting Powder but you can also chose from a range of other types of lighting that will create a perfect ambience wherever you go.

Well there you have it, my top picks for Hourglass, now before you put away your christmas list head over to for further inspiration!!


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