My Thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics.

In what was probably one of the biggest launches last year, Kylie Jenner hit the makeup scene not with a splash but with 10 foot title wave. After causing an international shortage of spice lipliner, whirl lipliner and velvet teddy lipstick for months (!!!) Kween Kylie decided that she should be profiting from her trend setting.

I’ll admit  I was sceptical and not overly excited. I could only imagine that this was going to be something that sold out instantly purely because Kylie slapped her name on it and lacked in quality compared to other brands. I was a Stila Stay All Day Lippy Gal and proud of it.

(The idea of waking up at the crack of dawn to virtually fight for what could potentially be a gimmick the size of a Kardashian derrière also did not inspire much within me.)

Kris Jenner 1 .gif

I however was pleasantly surprised. Although it took me a long time to get on board the Kylie train.. it was actually not until my birthday I was gifted some products that I decided to try and as much as I didn’t want to admit it.. I was impressed & suddenly became a fan of Kylie Cosmetics.

The cream eyeshadow instantly appealed to me. I love products like this because they give you a beautiful finish without much hassle. You can either put the colour on with one finger and blend with another clean one or get fancy with some brushes. The colour in particular is extremely flattering to anyone with lighter eyes, and makes as a more creative alternative to your regular blacks and browns.

The lipstick and lipliners are also total winners in my book. The liner is extraordinarily creamy and easy to use. The particular lip kit that I have “Malibu”‘s (a cool toned mauve) liner is also extremely universal, it has replaced Whirl, Spice and Oh Honey! lipliners for me. The lipstick is slightly drying. yes. but. its a liquid matte lipstick, so I won’t judge it to critically for that. I still remember the night when I road tested the lippy, I swung by McDonalds before an event to grab a quick dinner. Only halfway though did I realise that I did not bring the product to top up with (gasp!) luckily, Kylie stood true to her word and after a McDonalds meal I was still good to go sans any kind of touch up! (Winner winner chicken dinner.) It also smells like a Cupcake. Touché Kylie.

I’m very interested in trying out her eyeshadows and have heard great things about her kylighters. I’m also very interested to watch the battle of the makeup brands between Kylie & Kim. Hopefully Kris Jenners sitting in her office planning the spin off as we speak.

Kris Jenner 2.gif


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