Fixing Irritated Winter Skin (& Teaching it a Lesson Also)

Coming from the Gold Coast, I’m not entirely sure I have any right to say that winter is cold. What I can say is, that coming out of a summer with days that make you question earths distance to the sun, adjusting to the lack of humidity can be more annoying for your skin than when the power kept cutting out in January because everyone was showing their fans and air conditioners no mercy.

A reaction to a makeup product combined with the ‘cooling’ temperatures, left me with very very dry, irritated skin. So I called in the big guns to fix my skin situation (and teach it a lesson also).

I invested in some Skinstitue purchases. Firstly because of its amazing value. All Skionstitute products sit around the $40 mark ( last week they were on sale for $30 from!) and focus more on the ingredients rather than the actual packaging. Winner!


The Glycolic Cleanser has been so far fantastic in delivering a daily exfoliation that’s not too gentle but not too harsh. Meaning, using it twice daily won’t mean you’ll be Freddy Kruger chic after  a week. Glycolic Acid is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Which helps to chemically break down the glue that holds dead skin cells together, thus revealing glowing, radiant and more supple skin. It also means that any active skincare you use afterwards will be more effective as it won’t be battling dead skin cells to soak in.

Although it’s gentle it’s probably not ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, but something like the L-Lactic Acid (again from Skinstitut) would be a good option for you.

I also wanted to give the Hydrating Mask a go. Promising to leave your skin looking and feeling naiiice and hydrated, after examining my not so happy skin in one of the store mirrors I was down to give it a go.  Now, I don’t know if it was because of the dermatitis that was bought on by the allergic reaction but man… did it sting. I will give it another go in a week or so but for now, that’s been my only experience.

The eye cream was a different one for me (having never used one before oops) I was interested because of its size and the fact that it works as a neck cream as well. It promises to nourish and hydrate but like a good little eye cream I have also found that it has also helped lift darkness. What a gem.

I’ve also resumed using my ever faithful Go-To Skincare which always saves me from less that ideal skin situations and works perfectly along side Skionstitute because it has a more natural base of ingredients. For the first time I invested in their exfoliating swipeys! These pre soaked pads with gentle AHA’s and hydrating ingredients are the perfect pick me up for your skin a couple times a week.

The other Go-To skincare bits are reviewed Here! 

Good exfoliation combined with skin loving oils (Like the ones in Face Hero) and moisturisers is the winning combination to battling flakey, lacklustre generally blah winter skin!

When using a couple of products containing AHA’s it is pretty important that you use an SPF during the day so you don’t develop skin and sun damage on all that fresh skin. The Mecca Mineral SPF 30+ is an absolute winner.

Good Luck!





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